James Hardie Siding Repair / Replacement

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Professional Siding Repair

Have you seen cracks or holes appearing in your siding? Although James Hardie siding is incredibly durable, it can still get damaged. So if you’re seeing problems like cracks or discovering water damage, the first thing you’ll want to do is get professionals like those at AC ROOFING AND SIDING for an inspection and then repair or replacement,

As trusted James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractors, we’re experts when it comes to James Hardie siding repair in Hilliard, OH, or the surrounding areas. Call (614)-505-9605 today to schedule an initial assessment.

Expert James Hardie Siding Repair Services

Hardie board is valued for its durability and it takes a lot to damage it, but when it gets damaged and you need James Hardie siding repair in Hilliard, OH, you can always rely on AC ROOFING AND SIDING. We have the expertise as a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor to get the job done right the first time. We’ll inspect your home’s exterior and then make the repairs.

Signs your siding might need repair:

  • Cracks or holes: If you’re seeing holes or cracks in your siding, you’ll need to get it repaired as soon as possible. This could be an indication of water damage or the cracks could allow water to seep inside. Eventually, this will lead to the siding coming loose.
  • Water damage: If water has gotten through cracks serious problems like mold growth can occur.
  • Damage to the interior of the home: Water that passes through the siding can cause damage to your home’s interior. Often you can recognize this damage because paint or wallpaper will peel or bubble.

If you allow damage to go unchecked for too long, you may end up experiencing much more serious problems including full James Hardie siding replacement. Our team is fully qualified to replace your siding and is ready to help. 

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If you’ve noticed damage on your siding and need James Hardie siding repair in Hilliard, OH, or the surrounding area, AC ROOFING AND SIDING skilled professionals are the ones to trust for high-quality services. We offer an extensive range of home exterior services. Call (614)-505-9605 today to schedule your siding service.