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Expert Claims Assistance

If your roof has been damaged by a storm or some other unexpected event, as a first step you usually reach out to your homeowner’s insurance company. Whenever you file a claim, an adjuster assesses the damage and determines how much your insurance company pays out. Usually, the payout is sufficient enough to cover the repairs.

When the payout isn’t sufficient or if you want help before filing a roof insurance claim in Hilliard, OH, or the surrounding area, the experienced roof claim experts at AC ROOFING AND SIDING can help. Call our office at (614)-505-9605 today to get things started.

We Are On the Policyholder’s Side

Filing a roof insurance claim in Hilliard, OH can be stressful. You never know exactly what your insurance company will decide is the right amount of compensation. When it comes to roof damage insurance claims help, AC ROOFING AND SIDING works on the policyholder’s behalf. Whatever sort of damage your roof has from leaks to hail or wind damage, we can help you benefit fully from your claim. Before filing a roof damage claim you want to make sure you get your roof inspected by a professional. Our licensed roof inspectors are some of the most skilled available. They will thoroughly inspect your roof and provide you with a detailed document you can file with your claim.

We will even help you when your adjuster comes out to verify your claim. Call our office at  (614)-505-9605 and we can meet with your adjuster to explain and verify the damages. We make sure all the damages are covered so you’ll get the full benefit from your claim and be able to make the repairs you need.

You’ll probably need our help, especially with roof storm damage claims, which can prove tricky if not handled in the right way. Many times claims adjusters might not understand the extent of damage a storm can cause, especially when hail damage is involved. Hail damage often remains hidden for months unless it is checked out by our professionals.

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When you need help with your roof damage insurance claim in Hilliard, OH, make sure to rely on the trusted professionals at AC ROOFING AND SIDING. To get things started, give us a call at (614)-505-9605.