Roof Hail Damage Repair

view from above of a roof replacement

Dealing With Hail Damage to Your Roofing

If your home has recently been damaged by a hail storm, you may be in need of roof hail damage repair services. If that’s the case, our team at AC ROOFING AND SIDING is here to help. We are experts in repairing and replacing roofs that have been damaged by hail, and we can help restore your roof and ensure you have all the protection you need. If you have found yourself seeking roof hail damage repair in Hilliard, OH or the surrounding area, we can be there to help. Call (614)-505-9605 today to schedule your services.

Professional Roof Hail Damage Repair Services

Hail can cause a lot of damage to a roof. It can dent and puncture the roofing material, which can then lead to water infiltration and leaks. Hail can also cause the shingles to become dislodged or torn, and it can damage the flashing and roof vents. In some cases, excessive damage from hail can even cause a roof to collapse. If your home has been damaged by hail, it is important to have it inspected by a professional to determine the extent of the damage and to get the roof hail damage repair that you need as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are several signs you can watch out for that can indicate a need for roof hail damage repair. Things to watch out for include:

  • Dents in metal roofing: Metal roofing is designed to be tough and durable, but it is not immune to hail damage. Dents can occur in the metal panels, and over time, these dents can rust and cause even more damage. This is why a large amount of denting in a metal roof should be inspected and taken care of as quickly as possible.
  • Missing or damaged shingles: Shingles that are damaged or missing are one of the most common signs of hail damage. Damaged shingles can lead to water infiltration and leaks, so it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible.
  • Cracked or split shingles: Cracks or splits in shingles can also allow water to enter the home, so it is important to have them repaired or replaced as needed to prevent further damage to your roof and to your home.
  • Bruising on shingles: This is a dark discoloration that indicates impact damage. It can cause various kinds of problems and should be inspected by a roofing professional immediately as it is typically a sign of worse damage to your roofing system.
  • Granule loss: This can be caused by impact damage in addition to the age of your shingles, and it can reduce the protection your roof offers, making it important to get assistance from a roofing professional if you notice excessive granule loss after a major hailstorm.

These are just a few of the signs that may indicate a need for roof hail damage repair. It is always important to watch out for signs of damage to your roof if you have recently been through a major hailstorm, especially when the hailstones are an inch or larger in size.

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If you suspect a need for roof hail damage repair in Hilliard, OH or the surrounding area, our team can be there to help. To schedule your services, or to get other help with roof storm damage repair, including emergency roof repair, just reach out to us. Call (614)-505-9605 today.