Roof Hail Damage Repair

view from above of a roof replacement

Dealing With Hail Damage to Your Roofing

Whenever it hails, it’s very possible your roof will be damaged. The extent of the damage will depend on things such as the size of the hail and how rapidly it comes down. You might get lucky and have no damage at all or just a handful of shingles get damaged. Or the damage might be so extensive you’ll have to replace your roof.

If a hailstorm passes through the area, it’s always wise to have your roof professionally inspected. If you have damage and need roof hail damage repair in Hilliard, OH, or the surrounding area, make sure you’re getting quality inspections and repairs by calling AC ROOFING AND SIDING at (614)-505-9605 today to schedule your services.

How Our Professionals Help With Hail Damage

When it comes to roof hail damage repair in Hilliard, OH, AC ROOFING AND SIDING offers plenty of options. The type of damage will vary depending on the size of the hailstones and the speed of impact.

Hail damage also can be pretty random, which is why it can be difficult to assess unless you have a trained professional inspect your roof after. You might see no damage on one section of your roof, while another section might be filled with dents and dings. With asphalt shingles, you’ll probably notice shingles that are soft to the touch or shiny spots where protective granules have been knocked loose. While a few missing granules might not seem that bad, in reality, any hail damage can leave your roofing felt or underlayment exposed to other damage, especially leaks, although structural damage can occur because of particularly hard impacts. If the hail damage goes unchecked, it might go unnoticed for several months until you find you have a leak or some other problem.

Damage like this is what our professional inspectors will notice and they will be able to assess whether you just need repairs or whether you’ll need a new roof. If you need a new roof, we’ll get to work on it quickly in order to prevent disrupting your life too much.

Roof Insurance Coverage

Fortunately, when your roof gets damaged by hail, most homeowners’ policies will cover the repair or replacement costs. This coverage, of course, will depend on the policy as well as your location and the frequency in which hailstorms occur. Individual policies and the amount covered will differ. Another thing that factors into the coverage will be the deductible. You must meet the deductible before repair costs are covered. Check with your insurer to see what is covered under your policy regarding hail damage.

AC ROOFING AND SIDING not only helps with hail damage repair, but we also assist with insurance claims. We will help you with the documentation–including an inspection report–before filing a claim as well as talking with your adjuster to verify damages. Our goal is to make sure you get the financial assistance needed to pay for repairs.

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If your home has been struck by hail, find out why so many area homeowners trust AC ROOFING AND SIDING for roof hail damage repair in Hilliard, OH. You’ll discover superior craftsmanship paired with high-quality GAF materials. Get your roof repaired ASAP by calling our office at (614)-505-9605 today. We’ll get your initial assessment scheduled and the repair process started at your convenience.