Roof Storm Damage Repairs in Hilliard, OH

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Dealing with Storm Damage

When severe storms roll in they bring with them everything from hail to high winds to heavy rain. Roofs are left vulnerable and AC ROOFING AND SIDING has seen its share of roof storm damage in the Hilliard, OH area.

We know how much storms can damage a roof and we know that damage can often remain hidden from the untrained eye for months. If you suspect your roof was damaged in a storm and want a reliable professional for roof storm damage repair in Hilliard, OH, or the surrounding area, reach out to our team to schedule an initial assessment by calling (614)-505-9605.

How We Help with Roof Storm Damage

A GAF-certified roofing contractor, homeowners have come to rely on AC ROOFING AND SIDING for roof storm damage repair in Hilliard, OH not only because of our expertise and superior craftsmanship, but they also know we deliver services using high-quality GAF roofing materials. We are trusted for our skills and materials.

When storms hit, they can damage a roof in many different ways, battering them with everything from high winds to hail and debris. Some roof damage like a fallen tree limb may be obvious but you may not become aware of other damage like leaks for months after the storm has passed. Trained professionals like those at AC ROOFING AND SIDING will know what to look for and the sooner you call them at (614)-505-9605 the less you’ll worry about your roof. They’ll be able to find problems like leaks before they create further havoc.

What to Look for With Storm Damage

After a storm, there are some obvious damages that you can watch out for and get help with roof storm damage repair services. Here are some common ways that a roof can be damaged in a storm:

  • Missing or damaged shingles: High winds frequently cause shingles to be torn off roofs, while hail causes them to crack, break, or lose granules. Even one missing or damaged shingle can lead to serious problems like leaks fairly soon after the damage occurs. That’s why it’s so important to get help quickly.
  • Broken or missing gutters or downspouts: Gutters and downspouts are also frequently damaged in storms. Damaged gutters create problems with water drainage, which can lead to further damage to your roof as well as your home, including your foundation.

These are just a few of the many ways a roof can be damaged after a storm. Make sure you don’t delay getting repairs from our experienced team.

Our Repair Services

Homeowners rely on us for a wide range of roof storm damage repairs including the following:

  • Emergency roofing: If hail has caused leaks or wind has torn off shingles and dropped branches and debris against your roof, the damage can be devastating. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency repairs. We respond to emergencies as promptly as possible once the weather lets up. Our first step is tarping the roof until repairs can be safely completed.
  • Roof hail damage: Hail damage can range from tiny divots to cracked and broken shingles. To make sure hail or other storm damage is uncovered, we recommend getting a roof inspection immediately following a storm.
  • Leak repair: The longer leaks are left unrepaired the more problems they cause from mold growth to rot and other structural damage. With leaks, you could face costly repairs in the long term or even premature roof replacement.
  • Insurance claims assistance: When your storm damage is severe, you will file a roof insurance claim and we’ll help by meeting with the insurance adjuster to clarify any issues the adjuster may have. We will also make sure to provide you with a detailed inspection report to file with your claim.
  • Wind damage repair: Winds can lift whole sections of your roofing away from your home.

Call Us Anytime

Once the storms have passed and you need roof storm damage repair in Hilliard, OH, know you can rely on the expert craftsmanship provided by AC ROOFING AND SIDING. We are available 24/7 to help with repair, so call us at (614)-505-9605. We are ready to help.