Snap Lock Metal Roofing

snap lock metal roofing system

Metal Roofing Option

Many people will choose standing seam metal roofs because they hide the fasteners, which protects the roof better and adds to its attractiveness. AC ROOFING AND SIDING likes to offer our customers options when it comes to metal roofs. When you choose a standing seam roofing system, you might prefer a snap lock metal roof installation in Hilliard, OH.

With this type of roofing system, metal panels are snapped together and clipped to the roof deck for an attractive look. To learn more or begin your roofing project by scheduling an estimate all you need to do is call (614)-505-9605

Benefits of Snap Lock Roofing

A type of standing seam metal, snap-lock metal roofing is a great option for homeowners or businesses. Of course, you know metal roofs have an average lifespan of 50 years. But snap-lock metal roof installation in Hilliard, OH has several benefits including:

  • Ease of installation: Panels go on easily and are less labor-intensive than other types of roofing, so you’ll save on labor costs.
  • Durability: These roofs can endure high winds and severe weather and resist corrosion and cracking.
  • Waterproof: The way that the panels interlock leaves little room for water intrusion and resistant to rusting.
  • Fire resistant: Metal roofs are highly resistant to fire.

When you choose our team for snap-lock roofing you’ll receive the highest-quality craftsmanship paired with the best materials from leading manufacturers like GAF. 

While metal roofing systems are generally low maintenance and very durable, they can get damaged by severe weather like storms. For snap lock metal roof repair in Hilliard, OH, look to the professionals at AC ROOFING AND SIDING. We provide fast, reliable service.

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One option for standing seam roofs is a snap lock metal roof. If you are interested in a snap lock metal roof installation in Hilliard, OH, let AC ROOFING AND SIDING be your source for this innovative, sturdy roofing system. To learn more about this roofing system or to get scheduled for an initial assessment all you need to do is call (614)-505-9605. We are ready to assist you.